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Bamboo Composite Deck
Backlit Wine Cellar
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Bespoke Spaces. Authentic Design

At 85AD we create spaces where our clients can thrive. A practical, hands - on approach with consideration to aesthetics and creativity, distinguish our team from the rest.


Our aim is to make you feel at home in beautiful environments that speak to all your senses.


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85AD's Services

We offer clients an unique and innovative approach to tackling all their design needs. From inception to installation —we take care of everything. Call us today and book a consultation!

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Architectural Structure
Gray Structure
Marble Surface

“Underneath all I design,
lies the solid belief that beauty is a positive force.”

Barbara Barry

Pre-Construction Consultation

Planning is key to saving time and money in any project that involves construction. With a pre-construction consultation we help our clients to decide on the specific needs of their project and how to meet those needs most effectively. We pride ourselves in having a trustworthy network of concractors to assist with the implimentation of the design.  From brickwork to wallpaper - we have it covered!

Spatial Planning

A lot of people underestimate the importance of well thought out Spatial Planning and the impact it can have on their space. The flow, scale and proportion of a space are taken in consideration to help you live effortlessly and with the utmost comfort.

Lighting and Colour Design Consultation

Every space has its own personality.


With a few touch ups and the right Lighting Design, you can really make it shine.


Create the space that reflects 

the real you!

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